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  1. General principles.

The e-commerce website, http://anandi.vn (hereinafter referred to the website), is operated and managed by the Finger Viet Tourist Company Limited. The website’s partners are domestic and foreign individuals, organizations, restaurants, hotels, and tourist companies. "Services" includes all services provided by or related to the website.

The mentioned partners who do transactions on this website will be able to freely negotiate. However,  negotiations must ensure rights and legal interests of all parties involved in transactions. Besides, transactions are done based on contracts or registration forms that comply with Vietnamese laws.

Services on the website must comply with all related laws. Those that are banned from either doing business or doing advertisement are unacceptable.

All transactions on the website must be done openly and transparently and ensure interests of consumers.

II. General regulations.

1. It is apparent that when accessing to http://anandi.vn, all users have agreed to abide and accept the terms and conditions bounded by the Operation Regulation of the website. Otherwise, the website access and the use of any services are impossible. The service using Terms and Conditions of Anandi.vn may be amended basing on the policies and the Operation Regulation issued by the operator of Anandi.vn.

2. The website  is the combination of services aimed at meeting demands on online transactions between service providers and users. This combination includes online hotel reservation services, online tour booking services, the all-inclusive online travel packages, promotion introduction, hotels’ promotion information, and domestic and foreign travel companies.

3. The website is established to offer ultimate supports to those who are looking for online information about hotel reservations and tour bookings. Moreover, it is also a trade bridge connecting providers to users and business to business. Last but not least, the website also provides qualified products and services at reasonable rates.

III) The process of transactions.

1. For users. Including online hotel bookings, hotel bookings for groups, tour bookings, and all-inclusive travel packages.

- Step 1: Access http://anandi.vn.

- Step 2: Select a target province/city and a suitable hotel/tour.

- Step 3: Select check-in and check-out dates.

- Step 4: Click on book room/tour.

- Step 5: Fill all blanks with individual information as full names, phone numbers, and e-mail address.

- Step 6: Select a suitable payment method and complete it to finish booking.

- Step 7: Receive booking confirmations. Except for online payment methods, 30 minutes after the booking is recorded, the customer care department will contact users who choose to pay at Anandi.vn’s office or bank transfer in order to finish payments and bookings.

2. For partners:

- Step 1: Select kind of partner as Hotels, Tour companies, Business, and Advertiser.

- Step 2: Register.

+ Provide contact information as full names, phone numbers, and e-mail address.

+ Provide other information like hotel’s names, star rates, cities, address, available room quantities, room rates (for hotel partners), acceptable expenses on advertisement (for advertisement partners), tour programs (for tour providers), promotions, and all-inclusive travel packages.

- Step 3: Receive successful registration emails.

- Step 4: Be contacted by Anandi.vn’s sale department to complete registration procedures and sign contracts.

3. For members:

- Step 1: Fill all the information on “Register” (the 1st access), enter usernames and passwords (for next times). Receive accounts, passwords, and member confirmation requests.

- Step 2: Enter personal information as emails and phone numbers (for the first access).

- Step 3: Select the city.

- Step 4: Select the hotel.

- Step 5: Select the payment method.

- Step 6: Be contacted by customer service department if transfer is chosen (within 30 minutes after the booking is recorded)

- Step 7: Make payments and receive booking vouchers.

4. Booking and getting good deals:

- Deal on Anandi.vn website  is a form in which multiple people can buy to enjoy the preferential price policy. However, the number of buyers have to reach the minimum threshold (depending on each type of deal) so that the purchase will take good effect.

- Process for buyers.

- Process for sellers/Advertiser.

- Delivery and receiving process.

- Order confirmation/cancellation process.

5. Service Cancellation Process:

Customers can contact Anandi.vn by care@anandi.vn, support@anandi.vn or the switchboard 19005454 in order to cancel/change a reservation.

The cancellation/change fee  =  the cancel/change fee of the hotel +  transaction processing fee of Anandi.vn.

The cancellation/change fee of the hotel is calculated based on the cancellation conditions.

Transaction processing fee of Anandi.vn is 10% of the total value of service orders.

In addition, the refund transfer fee will be borne by the customer. If customers go to the office to get refunds, there will be no transfer fee.

Note: For the form of making a reservation under promotional services/deals with good prices, cancellation policy will be separate.

6. Service confirmation process:

After receiving booking and payment, confirmation emails or confirmation vouchers will be sent by Anandi.

Those who book rooms via phone will receive booking codes.

7. Dispute and complaint resolution process:

Anandi.vn and providers are in charge of receiving and resolving complaints of members related to transactions on Anandi.vn.

Customers have the right to complain about the fact that the service quality is not proper as described on the website to the Board of Director (BOD). Anandi.vn will confirm after receiving complaints. If they are accurate,  the site shall promptly solve them basing on the severity.

8. Complaints should be sent to:

•    The Finger Viet Tourist Company Limited.

•    Headquarters: 171 Nguyen Van Thoai Street, An Dong Ward, Son Tra District, Da Nang City.

•    Sales office: 12th Floor, 155-157 Le Quang Dao Street, My An Ward, Ngu Hanh Son District, Da Nang City

•    Phone number: 0511 3987 811    Hotline: 1900 54 54 88

•    Email: support@anandi.vn

9. The process of resolving disputes and complaints.

Step 1: Complaints will be received by The Customer Care Department and  those of providers will be received by Business Department. These departments shall quickly resolve and immediately respond to all complaints basing on the policies announced by the company.

Step 2: Contact complainers to confirm the information.

Step 3: Contact providers to ask for explanations.

Step 4: Transfer results to relevant departments (as accountant and finance department) and contact members/providers to confirm results.

- Anandi.vn respects and strictly obeys the law of protecting members’ interests. Therefore, it is obligatory for providers to offer full, accurate, truthful, and detailed information concerning hotel services and tours. Any fraud in business shall be condemned and swindlers must bear full responsibility.

- We publicise our mechanism of dispute settlement regarding disputes happening in the course of making transactions on Anandi.vn. If the customer who makes a purchase of our services encounters a conflict with providers or customer's legitimate interests are harmed, Anandi.vn, after receiving a request from the customer, will give immediately the registration information of suppliers to the customer and support in protecting the rights and legitimate interests of the customer.

- Anandi.vn publicise mechanisms and procedures of the dispute settlement involving in relevant parties. It is the dispute settlement mechanism upon discussion and agreement. The relevant parties shall conduct the indirect exchange via phone call, make a written confirmation via e -mail. In case the agreement has not been made yet, there will be a direct meeting between the parties to concretize the issue and draw a resolution plan in which all relevant parties can reach a joint agreement.

- The parties, including suppliers, customers, and Anandi.vn, will be responsible for solving problems. Suppliers shall provide written documents for necessary information relating to conflicts. Anandi.vn will play a role as an arbitration who listens and receives information from suppliers and the customer (In the specific case we will require customers to have the responsibility of providing accurately intangible and tangible information about arising conflicts that customers have found themselves damaged). After that, Anandi will consider and analyze who is responsible for errors and to what extent they will be responsible for. In addition, Anandi proceeds a consultation on the reimbursement level and put an end of the dispute settlement in the most satisfactory way.

- In case it is proven that suppliers are at fault: Anandi.vn will take measures to warn, claim a full refund equivalent to what the customer has made a payment. Or else Anandi.vn will take measures to make suppliers pay a compensation which is to exchange into a new service package similar to the old service package for the customer. The new service package has to be of quality as same as what has been announced in Anandi.vn. In case of suppliers’ recidivism, Anandi.vn will terminate and remove all of the services of suppliers on Anandi.vn.

- When a dispute occurs, customers can contact Anandi.vn via following email: support@anandi.vn or call 1900 54 54 88. Anandi will solve customers’ problems within 1 hour. Anandi will work with the service providers to find out the arising problem.

10. Dispute Settlement Mechanisms.

- Any dispute arising between Anandi and customers or suppliers will be settled on the basis of negotiation. In case no agreement is reached as expected, either party may refer the matter to the Economic Tribunal for settlement.

- When disputes arise between customers and service providers, the websites’ BOD will be responsible for providing customers with information about the sellers and actively supporting the customer or customer representatives in order to protect benefits and their legitimate interests.

- In the event of incidents caused by the website, Anandi will immediately take measures to ensure that the interests of buyers will not be damaged.

IV. Making payment Process.

1. Payment by bank transfer: The client will transfer to the account of the Finger Vietnam Tourism Company Limited or an account administered by Anandi.vn which is provided by Anandi.

2. Online payment through the payment gateway of Onepay: Anandi supports customers in payments with the card (a transaction fee will be levied on each transaction payments by cards). Accepted payment cards in Anandi.vn:

Visa credit card.

Master Credit card.

ATM card.

3. Payment at the office of Anandi.vn: Clients will arrive at the office of Anandi.vn for payments. Trading Office’s address will be provided by Anandi.vn.

V. Transaction safety guarantee.

- The services are for sale on the website and Anandi has signed contracts with suppliers. Information about the service packages is provided directly from suppliers through Extranet system that is provided to partners by Anandi. To ensure the interests of customers, Anandi provides consulting services and product assessment so that customers can actively make reference to and compare the facts to information provided by suppliers.

- As soon as the client registers to purchase the service on the website, all information such as email, phone numbers will be transmitted to the main server with encrypted form. The above information is also transmitted to the email so that the customer care staff will contact the customer to confirm the order and payment instructions. The process of purchase and payment Anandi is designed in a closed process so customers' information is secure.

- When the reservation process is successful, members should log out for safety. Members should not give detailed information about the payment to anyone by email or by any other means. Anandi is not responsible for any loss which members incur due to information exchange of members via the internet or e-mail.

- Anandi is responsible for transaction information security and only provides to the required legal organs.

- Whenever there is a discrepancy in transfer information, Anandi suggests that customers should contact the bank for complaints or checks on payments.

- All forms of vandalism and  abuse of the website will be handled in accordance with law.

- Users must be offered important information by the website’s BOD before participating in the transactions to ensure that they are purchasing reliable products.

- The website’s BOD shall announce mechanisms/plans/solutions to ensure safe transactions. Besides,  it must specify the security mechanism of customer payments and handle complaints. Any damage must be compensated if it is caused by the fact that the payment information of customers via the website has been illegally altered, deleted, destroyed, copied, disclosed, and moved.

VI. Users’ information protection.

  1. The purpose and scope of information collection.

The collection of users’ information on Anandi.vn includes email, phone, username, password, and address. This is the information required to be provided when users register to use the service. Anandi asks for this information in order to contact users for confirmation so that their interests are ensured.

During the process of making payment, Anandi just stores the detailed information of the order not the bank account numbers.

We will use both your identifying information and non-identifying information as cookies, IP address, type of browser, and the total dates in order to enhance the availability of services as well as develop the functionality, features, and new services.

Members shall be responsible for securing and storing all activities on using services under the registered name, password, and e-mail. In addition, in order to help Anandi announce proper resolves, members must promptly inform Anandi.vn of unauthorized use, abuse, breach of security, and password and registered name storage of the third party.

  1. The scope of using information.

* Users’ information is used to:

- Make hotel reservation.

- Provide services.

- Notify information transactions between users and Anandi.vn.

- Prevent users’ accounts from being destroyed and forged.

- Contract to resolve special problems.

- Confirm and contact for related transactions on Anandi.vn.

- In case of legal requirements: The company must provide personal information related to violations of certain customers if it is required by judicial authorities as procuracy, courts, and security agencies. Otherwise, no one has the right to infringe personal information.

3. The duration of information storage.

Personal information of members will be stored until the request for cancellation is sent or made by users. Otherwise, the information will be confidentially kept on Anandi.vn server in any circumstances.

4.The address of the personal information collectors and manager.

Finger Viet Tourist Company Limited

Head office: 171 Nguyen Van Thoai Street, An Hai Dong Ward, Son Tra District, Da Nang City.

Trading Office: 12th floor, 155-157 Le Quang Dao Street, My An Ward, Ngu Hanh Son District, Da Nang City

Phone: 0511 3987 811

Hotline: 1900 54 54 88

Email: support@anandi.vn

5. How to access and adjust personal information?

-    Users have the right to check, update, and delete their personal information by logging in or have it done by Anandi.

-    Users can submit complaints about suppliers to Anandi.vn’s BOD. Upon receiving feedbacks, Anandi.vn will confirm the information. If  they are accurate, Anandi.vn will announce results depending on the severity.

6. Privacy Commitment.

- Members’ personal information is committed to being absolutely secured basing on the privacy policy of Anandi.vn. It cannot be collected without permission except for being required by laws.

- The BOD of Anandi.vn undertakes not to use, transfer, provide or disclose users’ personal information to any third party without agreement. Besides, the online transaction information including digitized billing information is absolutely secured in the tier 1 data center.

In case information storage server is attacked by hacker resulting in the loss of personal information, Anandi.vn will have the responsibility to refer the problem to the authorities for prompt investigation and resolves. Besides, users shall also be informed.

- Users registering accounts are required to provide sufficient personal information and be responsible for that information. In case of any improper information initially provided, Anandi shall not be in charge of handling complaints related to users’ interests.

- When making reservations, customers will be asked for full names, email address or even home address, phone numbers, payment information, fellow travelers’ names, and desired options for the holiday.

- For the easier booking management, customers can register user accounts. This account allows them to save personal settings, view previous bookings and manage future reservations.

- When customers visit Anandi.vn, even there is no reservation made, some information such as IP addresses, browsers, operating systems, application versions, language settings, and seen pages are still collected. If users use mobile devices, identifying information of mobile devices, installation/individual characteristics of devices, as well as details of longitude/latitude are also be collected. The reservation shall be made through means and sites that are used to book rooms/tours.

7. How Anandi.vn collect, use, and share users’ personal information?

+ Tour/room reservations: First, the personal information may be used to complete and manage online bookings. Moreover, detailed reservations shall also be sent to the accommodations basing on that information.

+ We provide 24/7 international customer service in several languages to collect personal information of customers around the world. Therefore, we can promptly meet customer needs by helping them find suitable accommodations or answer any questions concerning to their reservations.

+ Guests’ reviews: customers may be invited to write reviews after their stays. These reviews will help other travelers choose their most suitable accommodations.

+ Account Management: user accounts are available on the website. We use the provided information to manage accounts and allow customers to manage their reservations. Besides, they can also take advantage of special offers and easily make future reservations. Moreover, individual accounts can also be managed thanks to that information. Personal setting management allows users to save or share lists and photos. Furthermore, they can also view what accommodations they have looked for and see other information provided about accommodations and destinations. Accounts also facilitate customers to see any review about accommodations that they have submitted. If desired, customers can share some of the information in user accounts by creating public profiles associated with names or nicknames that they want. The information shared in this way includes photos, accommodations’ names, lists, future trip plans, reviews, and other information about accommodation and destinations.

+ Marketing activities: We also use customer information in marketing promotional activities within the framework of the law.

8. The management of bad information.

- Suppliers will be responsible for securing and saving all activities on using services under registered names and passwords.

- For appropriate solutions, providers shall be responsible for timely notifying ANANDI.VN of unauthorized use, abuse, breach of security, as well as third parties’ password and register name storage.

- Providers are not allowed to use ANANDI.VN’s services for illegal and unreasonable purposes, fraud, threatening, illegal information investigation, and destruction. Moreover, it’s forbidden to create and spread viruses to damage the system, configuration, and information transmission of ANANDI.VN. In addition, suppliers are forbidden to use their services to speculate and manipulate the market or make fake bookings to judge market demands. In case of infringement, providers must be responsible for their acts.

- It is prohibitive to alter, edit, copy, transmit, distribute, supply, and create similar tools of services provided by ANANDI.VN to offer the 3rd party without agreement.

- Under any circumstance, suppliers are not permitted to discredit ANANDI.VN by using the 2nd registered name to cause disunity among customers. In addition, it’s impermissible to disseminate unfavorable information affecting the reputation of ANANDI.VN.

VII. Unacceptable advertisements on Anandi.vn.

- Unaesthetic advertisements violate conceptions of history, tradition, culture, as well as habits and customs of Vietnam.

- Advertisements offend the prestige, reliability, and dignity of organizations and individuals.

- Advertisements use unauthorized information.

- Improper advertisements cause misunderstand about the providing ability or the quantity, quality, price, usage, service methods, and the warranty period of registered products, goods, and services.

- Advertisements use direct comparison method of price, quality, and efficiency of products, goods, and services.

- Advertisements have unfair competition content violating the law on competition.

- Advertisements violate the intellectual property law.

*Posts on the website shall:

- Strictly comply with the mechanism of controlling and checking the information about products/services provided on Anandi.vn, issued by the website’s BOD.

- Be censored before being published.

- Be censored again after being adjusted. Be removed if they break Anandi.vn’s regulations and laws.

- Be removed or saved on the web without heralding by Anandi.

VIII. Responsibilities in case of technical faults.

- Anandi.vn is committed to ensuring the safety and stability of the entire technical system. However, in the event of incidents caused by Anandi.vn, the website will immediately find results to ensure the rights of members.

- It’s imperative that all members must perform instructions provided on the website.

- The BOD is committed to providing the best quality of services to members participating in transactions. In case of technical errors, software errors or others that prevent members from participating in transactions, members should notify the BOD via care@Anandi.vn. Errors shall be fixed as soon as Anandi can to enable members to do transactions.

- However, the BOD is not responsible for the fact that members’ notices cannot be sent due to technical errors, network errors, software errors or others that are not caused by the BOD.

- It’s imperative that all customers must perform the introduction provided on the website.

- Problems and technical faults shall be solved as mentioned below:

 +Anandi will fix problems such as technical failures, software bugs, internet connection errors, personnel, and fluctuations due to natural disasters, power cut, decisions of the state or related organizations. We are committed to ensuring the safety and stability of the entire technical system to meet members’ needs.

+If there arise technical failures, software errors or other objective faults that hinder members from using services, the customer service department of Anandi should be informed to promptly announce resolves. Anandi is not responsible for problems causing by force majeure.

IX. Rights and obligations of the website’s BOD [Anandi.vn].

1 Rights.

- Ask customers for online declarations of personal information in the form of Anandi.

- Advertise and introduce members’ services and products at preferential prices

- Refuse or terminate the right to use services of a member in case members’ information is proved to be inaccurate, incomplete and violate the law or custom or Vietnamese habits and customs.

- Notify members of the termination of the right to use one or more services if members’ activities affect Anandi’s interests.

- Copyrights all transaction contents in accordance with intellectual property protection law of Vietnam.

- In the event that members’ provided information is proved to be inaccurate or insufficient and violate the law and Vietnamese customs and habits, Anandi.vn has the right to disapprove, suspend or terminate members’ rights to use services.

- The BOD is right to verify members’ information posted on the website, especially price and product quality.

- Stop providing one or all services on the website if members infringe the regulation or cause bad effects on transactions on Anandi.vn. In this case, the BOD shall notify violators.

- Refuse to provide one or all services if members swindle, cause market disruption, and disunity among members and other partners of Anandi.vn.

2 Obligations and responsibilities of the website’s BOD.

- Register the e-commerce website with authorized state agencies and publish registered information on the homepage.

- Establish operation regulation of the website and publish it. Monitor and ensure the implementation of the regulation.

- Ask sellers for sufficient information after registration as mention below:

+ Names and office address of traders, organizations, and individuals.

+ Numbers, dates, and issuing places of traders' business registration certificates or numbers, dates, and issuing units of decisions on the establishment of organizations, or individual tax codes.

+ Phone number and other means of contact.

-    Build the mechanism of inspecting and monitoring to ensure that the information provided by the sellers are correct and sufficient.

-    Store registered information of traders, organizations, and individuals joining in the website and regularly update relevant changes.

-    Establish the mechanism allowing traders, organizations, and individuals participating in transactions to perform contracting procedures.

-    Take necessary measures to ensure the safety of information relating to business secrets of traders, organizations, individuals, and consumers’ personal information.

-    Take prompt measures when detect or receive reports on business activities violating e-commerce website laws.

-    Support State Management Agencies to investigate business activities breaking the laws. Provide registration information, transaction history, and other documents of violators.

-    Publicize mechanisms of resolving disputes arising from transactions on the website. Provide customers with information about sellers and actively assist them in protecting their legitimate rights and interests.

-    Block and remove information about goods and services listed as prohibited commodities prescribed under law provisions and restricted commodities.

-    Remove information about counterfeit goods, smuggled goods, and goods infringing intellectual property laws and other legislations when receiving authentic reports.

-    Require sellers to provide business certificates of goods and services (if it’s required by laws).

-    Consult and answer questions of customers using the website’s services.

-    Ensure the quality of services, products that are sold on the website basing on the provided information of partners as restaurants, hotels, and tour companies.

-    Ensure safe transactions.

-   Provide services to participants after they complete all required procedures and conditions established by Anandi.vn.

X. Rights and responsibilities of the website’s members.

1. Rights.

- Participants of e-commerce transactions will get the free membership. The membership fee is the entry fee to e-commerce transactions on Anandi.vn excluding other charges such as advertising, consulting services, and other charges.

- Be allowed to create individual files to manage information about hotels, tours, and services, as well as transact, and advertise on Anandi.vn.

- Publish posts about hotel rooms and tours along with doing transactions on the website after successfully registering to become members of Anandi.vn.

- Receive user names and private passwords to be able to use services, as well as managing booths and transactions on the website.

- Be instructed to use tools and features to build booths, conduct transactions, and use utility services.

- Members have the right to offer suggestions to the website during operation. Recommendations can be sent directly by mail, fax or email to Anandi.vn.

- Through the customer care department, members have the right to claim for compensation from suppliers for unqualified products, and promotional services as being published on Anandi.

- Be instructed by the customer care department to use tools, features to build booths, and the way to conduct transactions and use utility services.

- Register free accounts with private passwords to use the services and take part in transactions.

2. Responsibilities.

- Sufficiently provide information about:

+Names and office address of traders, organizations or individual permanent addresses.

+ The numbers, dates, and issuing places of traders' business registration certificates or numbers, dates, and issuing units of decisions on the establishment of organizations or individual tax codes.

+ Phone numbers and other means of contact of traders, organizations, and service providers when registering to use services.

- Provide sufficient information about goods, services, rates, general trading conditions, transportation and forwarding, and payment methods

- Do not provide goods or services banned from business, subjected to business restrictions, and violate intellectual property laws.

- Offer business certificates of goods and services (if it’s required by laws).

- Ensure the accuracy and truthfulness of the information about goods and services offered to Anandi.vn.

- Comply with the law provisions when using online ordering functions.

- Collaborate with Anandi.vn on replying buyers when having online transactions.

- Facilitate e-commerce statistics by providing information about the business status if it’s requested by authorized state agencies.

- Comply with provisions and relevant laws on payment, advertising, promotion, and the protection of intellectual property rights and consumer rights when selling or providing goods on the site.

- Be responsible for contents and images of enterprise information and others, as well as the whole transaction process on Anandi.vn.

- Secure and store all service using activities under registered names, passwords, and e-mails.

- Timely alert the site to unauthorized use, abuse, breach of security, storage of passwords and registered names of a third party in order for the website to take prompt measures .

- Do not use the website’s services for illegal and unreasonable purposes, fraud, threatening, illegal information investigation, and destruction.  Do not create and spread viruses to damage the system, configuration, and information transmission of the site. Be forbidden to use services to speculate and manipulate the market or make fake bookings to judge market demands. In case of infringement, providers must be responsible for their acts.

- It is prohibitive to alter, edit, copy, transmit, distribute, supply, and create similar tools of services provided by Anandi to offer the 3rd party without agreement.

- Under any circumstance, members are not permitted to discredit Anandi.vn by using the 2nd registered name to cause disunity among customers. Additionally, it is unacceptable to disseminate unfavorable information affecting the reputation of the site.

- Sufficiently fulfill tax obligations prescribed by laws.

- Bear responsibilities regarding safety, as well as saving information and transactions under usernames and passwords. Notify in time the Customer care department of the illegal use, abuse, breach of security, storage of passwords and registered names of the 3rd party so that they can be handled immediately.

- Undertake to provide Anandi with information which is updated, accurate and sufficient.

- Do not use Anandi’s services for illegal purposes such as fraud, intimidation, and exploration of information. In case of violation, the member must be responsible in accordance with the law.

XI. Terms of application.

The regulation of the website will officially come into effect from the date of signing the issuance decision attached to this Regulation. The BOD of the website may adjust these Regulations with notices on the website so that all members can know about it.

XII. Terms of commitments.

The BOD and members of the website commit to comply with the terms mentioned in the content of this regulation.

Official contacts: www.anandi.vn

Organization name: Finger Vietnam Tourism Limited Company

Head office: 171 Nguyen Van Thoai St., An Hai Dong Ward, Son Tra District, Da Nang City.
Trading Office: 12th floor, 155-157 Le Quang Dao St., My An Ward, Ngu Hanh Son District, Da Nang City

Phone: 0511 3987 811.

E-mail: care@anandi.vn





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