Dispute Settlement Mechanisms

Dispute Resolution Process


Anandi.vn and suppliers have a duty for receiving and handling complaints from customers concerning transactions through Anandi.vn website.

- Customers have the right to complain to our website management committee of E-commerce trading floor about the service quality which is not as same as what has been described, about billing information which is leaked and causes damage. Upon receiving feedback, Anandi.vn will confirm the information and check whether what is in feedback is right, and Anandi.vn will take timely measures.


Customers can send a complaint to:


  • Company Name: Finger Vietnam Tourism Limited Company
  • Head office: 171 Nguyen Van Thoai street, An Hai Dong Ward, Son Tra District, Da Nang City.
  • Trading Office: Level 12, 155-157 Le Quang Dao street, My An Ward, Ngu Hanh Son District, Da Nang City
  • Phone: 0511 3987 811 Hotline: 1900 54 54 88
  • E-mail: support@anandi.vn


The process of dispute and complaint settlement:


Step 1: The Customer Care Department will receive complaints of customers or Sales Department will receive the complaints of suppliers. These two departments actively take resolution measures quickly and respond immediately results to customers on the basis of the policy that the company has announced.

Step 2: Contact to the person who have made a complaint in order to verify the reported information.

Step 3: Contact to suppliers and ask for explanations regarding disputed problems

Step 4: Transfer the results of complaint settlement to the relevant departments for implementation (Accountant - Finance department, etc.) and call to confirm with customers/suppliers on the results.

- Anandi.vn always shows respect and strictly implements the provisions of the law upon the protection of the interests of customers. Therefore, we always recommend the suppliers which have affiliated with Anandi.vn provide full, accurate, truthful and detailed information concerning hotel services and tourism. All acts of fraud in business are condemned and the person who commits to a fraud must bear full responsibility under the law.

- We publicise our mechanism of dispute settlement regarding disputes happening in the course of making transactions on the electronic commerce trading floor of Anandi.vn. If the customer who makes a purchase of our services encounters a conflict with providers or customer's legitimate interests are harmed, Anandi.vn, after receiving a request from the customer, will give immediately the registration information of suppliers to the customer and support in protecting the rights and legitimate interests of the customer.

- Anandi.vn publicise mechanisms and procedures of the dispute settlement involving in relevant parties. It is the dispute settlement mechanism upon discussion and agreement. The relevant parties shall conduct the indirect exchange via phone call, make a written confirmation via e -mail. In case the agreement has not been made yet, there will be a direct meeting between the parties to concretize the issue and draw a resolution plan in which all relevant parties can be reach a joint agreement.

- The parties including suppliers, customers and Anandi.vn will have responsibility in solving problems. Suppliers should be responsible for providing written documents for necessary information relating to conflicts. Anandi.vn will play a role as an arbitration who listens and receives information from suppliers and the customer (In the specific case we will require customers to have the responsibility of providing accurately intangible and tangible information about arising conflicts that customers have found themselves damaged). After that, Anandi will consider and analyze who is responsible for errors and to what extent they will be responsible for. In addition, Anandi proceed a consultation on the reimbursement level and put an end of the dispute settlement in the most satisfactory way.

- In case it is proven that suppliers are at fault: Anandi.vn will take measures to warn, claim a full refund equivalent to what the customer has made a payment. Or else Anandi.vn will take measures to make suppliers pay a compensation which is to exchange into a new service package similar to the old service package for the customer. The new service package has to be of quality as same as what has been announced in Anandi.vn. In case of suppliers’ recidivism, Anandi.vn will terminate and remove all of the services of suppliers on Anandi.vn.

- When a dispute occurs, customers can contact with anandi.vn via following email: support@anandi.vn or make a phone call to +84 5113 987 811,  Anandi will solve customers’ problems within 1 hour. Anandi will work with the service provider to find out the arising problem.


Dispute Settlement Mechanisms


- Any dispute arising between Anandi and customers or suppliers will be settled on the basis of negotiation. In case no agreement is reached as expected, either parties may refer the matter to the Economic Tribunal for settlement.

- When disputes arise between customers and service providers, website management committee will be responsible for providing customers with information about the seller, actively supporting the customer or customer representatives in order to protect benefits and their legitimate interests.

- In the event of an incident caused by the website, Anandi will immediately take measures to ensure that the interests of buyers will not be damaged.