Why choosing Anandi.vn?

Anandi.vn prides to be a prestigious and leading site that helps users to book rooms, resorts, and tours in Vietnam. With the broad understanding of the domestic tourism market and a diversified bond with a lot of tourism units, we always offer our customers the opportunity of choosing the high-class hotel at the adequate price. With the wealth of our incentives we also set up specifically for you.

1. Appropriate room rates

The highlighted advantage of Anandi.vn booking network is that we offer the most favorable prices on the market. Our criteria is to help customers enjoy the trip full of exciting experience but affordably. Surely, you'll have economical trips but they are still interesting and worthy with Anandi.vn.

2. Diversity of accompanied services


Why choose Anandi.vn?


Bearing in mind the motto of "Maximize the benefit of customers", we constantly improve the quality of services and offer new service packages for guests booking through Anani.vn. Currently, you can experience a free buggy ride and free airport pick-up in Da Nang market when booking hotel rooms through Anandi.vn. This service is a long-term commitment that Anani.vn wants to send to customers who travel to the liveable city - Danang city in Vietnam. Besides, we also offer promotional packages to customers annually such as bundled souvenirs, point accumulation programs for discount when booking regularly rooms on Anandi.

3. System of classy hotels


Another strength of Anandi.vn is that we have a close partnership with the system of hotels not only in Danang but also across the country. In the future, we will continue to grow strongly into international markets such as Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Hong Kong, thereby meeting the globalized accommodation needs.


Why choose Anandi.vn?


GOPATEL Hotel & Spa - one of the classy hotels collaborating with Anandi.vn

Our objectives are to reach out the world and give customers the options of classy hotels. Your job is to provide information, such accommodation needs as traveling with family, couple or a group of friends. The rest has been on Anandi.vn. Surely you will enjoy these high-class services at hotels having partnership with Anandi.vn.

4. Useful Travel Tips

Not only do we help you optimize the benefits and costs through online booking, but we also have specialized  travel guide page http://travel.anandi.vn/ , which is to provide information, travel experiences, cultures, cuisine and valuable travel experiences. The latest information about the tourism market, online hotel reservation trends are constantly updated to customers by Anandi.vn. Our objective is to become specialized pages leading travel guides for enthusiasts to discover new lands.


Why choose Anandi.vn?


Specialized travel site - Anandi Travel

5. 24/7 Customer Service

Anandi.vn always considers "Customer is God". Therefore we are ready to serve you regardless of what time of day. The staff of the customer care department of Anandi.vn has been known by dedication, caring, and they are able to solve any problems that arise in the course of your booking.


Why choose Anandi.vn?


Moreover, one advantage of Anandi.vn compared to many domestic booking websites is now multilingual function. Our staff, in addition to being well trained, can also speak multiple languages like English, Chinese, Japanese, Russian, and etc.

In the future, Anandi.vn will increasingly develop, and expand its business into the system of hotels, resorts, international tours. Parallel to that, we always commit to providing the best service, the best class to customers.