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Welcome to Our Website is provided to assist customers in gathering information about travel, accommodation, and other services related to travel, reservations, and other legal transactions with tour and accommodation providers.

The terms and conditions are applicable to our services. By accessing or using this website in any manners, you - guests agree to be bound by our given terms. In case you book any travel products or services via this website or via email/telephone, you agree that the used terms and conditions apply to all kinds of transactions.

Please read the terms and conditions carefully. The prescribed terms and conditions, the following policy are collectively referred to as "terms of use". Please read the terms of use. If you do not approve all or some of these terms, please do not use this website, do not make reservations via this website or via our phones. Terms of use may change from time to time, which is not necessary to take any advance notice. That the guests continue to access or to use this site represents consent to these terms of use which are updated or modified if any.

1. Terms of using website

2. In terms of hotel star ratings

3. Price policy - the price guarantee

4. Confirmation of  reservation information:

5. Policy of reservation cancellation/change – No Show

6. Payment

7. Website Information

8. Responsibility






1. Terms of using website


Guests must ensure that you are at least 18 years old, legally competent and have the obligation to legal binding. Guests who use this website have to match to what has been mentioned in the terms of use. You will only use this website in order to conduct legitimate reservations for you or for whom you have received legal permission to perform. All information provided by guests at this website is truthful, accurate, updated and completed. In case you have an account on, you'll protect your account information, additionally, oversee and be responsible entirely for any act of public use for personal accounts by the quarter or anyone else. We may refuse to allow customers use the service according to our own decisions without having to justify such refusal. Typical reasons for refusing a client's reservation: hotels' direct request, the government's black list, suspected fraud, skeptical theft, criminal activities, customers' violation of the terms of use, problems involving credit cards, suspicion that customers provide false information or suspicion of omission, etc.

Information, content at this site and infrastructure used to provide content, information are the property belonging to us or the concerned parties providing goods or services. Therefore, as a condition of using the website, you agree not to use the information, the content of website for commercial activities or impersonal activities (indirectly or directly) or for any purpose that is unlawful, illegal or prohibited by these Terms of Use. Except with our prior written agreement, you agree not to copy, modify, transmit, distribute, reproduce, display, publish, transfer, create derivative works, or resell any information, products, software, or services obtained from our website.


2. In terms of hotel star ratings


The level of hotel star ratings on is decided based on the information we received from the hotel, which aims to provide only for references for clients., by ourselves,  do not identify and check the information related to the star rating whether it is entirely accurate compared to reality.  We refuse to give any declarations or commitments regarding the quality or adequacy of any hotels on our website.

Star ranking only shows the level of comfort that guests can expect from a particular hotel. We note that the star rating can vary depending on conditions regarding markets, economies, positions or practices of each locality. It means that a star rating in the city/country cannot be compared with the same star rating in a different city/country.

The level of star ratings does not necessarily reflect all the services and amenities available at the hotel. Some facilities may not be available in every room or all the rooms with the same level of specific star rating. Please contact our customer service to check our availability which can meet the specific amenities that you require or feel important.

Finally, it is advisable that you should not entirely rely on star rating as a foundation of selecting the hotel and making a decision to book a room at any hotels.


3. Price policy - the price guarantee


We always try to have the most competitive prices, and we would like guests to pay as the lowest price as possibly for your holiday in a hotel. This means that, at the time of payments for booking at, we ensure that our prices are as reasonable and competitive as possible. Note: room prices which is only the temporary price and the price for your booking is pegged at the time you make the payment to us.

Available room prices may vary depending on the particular conditions, such as cancellation/ change conditions, our special incentive programs or some special incentive programs modified by our hotels offering rooms for us at every moment. We are committed to not adjusting new prices in case earlier bookings have been successful. Your booking price will be the price at the time when you pay to us.

For international hotel reservations, uses online reservation system. Therefore, the price and availability are for the moment, and it can change constantly depending on the booking or access of other online customers. Prices and international availability are confirmed at the last time only when we complete the reservation and submit a hotel reservation code for you. Before completing the international booking, we cannot guarantee the price and the availability. Our responsibility is to support the reservation and to notify when the hotel makes an adjustment of prices.


4. Confirmation of reservation information:


You can only receive the reservation confirmation from our Customer Care staff via an e-mail/phone / SMS.

We will send information about prices, cancellation/ change policies, the availability and added incentive programs related to your booking in the email request for payment. Please check the information above before payment. Note: this content is only confirmed for the period we notice. Your reservation may be canceled or the related content can no longer be effective if you do not pay on time required.

Booking code - cards for tour certification that we send to you after payment is the final confirmation of the entire contents of your booking with us. Please read carefully the information in the booking code. We cannot and is not responsible in case damage or errors are caused by you not reading and fully understanding the information we sent in the booking code. We also cannot be sure and ensure the special requirements of customers are done until we send a confirmation email. Therefore, make sure you have grasped and carefully check the content we confirm in the booking code.


5. Policy of reservation cancellation/change – No Show

If you want to change the reservation information, please contact our staff of the customer care department via +84 511 3987 811

We will try to assist you in the best way. However, we cannot guarantee that your special requirements will be implemented. 

There can be many different cancellation/ change policies in the same hotel. The difference is in the details of promotions and price constraints that you selected when making a reservation. Therefore, please carefully review the policy of cancellation/change in the booking confirmation email that we send to you.

All requests for cancellation/ change will be settled based on the cancellation policy that we send to you. Cancellation fees will be applied if your booking is not allowed to cancel/change or the required time of cancellation has fallen into punishment provisions regarding cancellation. Please check the cancellation policy before sending cancellation/change requests for us.

If your arrival is later than the scheduled arrival without prior notice, it will be considered as No Show and hotels can consider as the cancellation request close to the scheduled arrival so that cancellation policy will be applied to your room booking (cancellation right on the check-in day).

In addition, all bookings are allowed to cancel/ change. We will charge the service fee of using services when you request to cancel/change a reservation.


6. Payment


You pay for your reservation in one of three ways:

- Payment in cash in the office of 12th Floor, 155-157 Le Quang Dao St., Ngu Hanh Son District, Da Nang City.

- Payment via bank transfer.

- Payment by Credit cards

For specific details, please contact with when booking.


7. Website Information


We endeavor to commit that all the accurate information will be displayed on the website However, information about the accommodation on is based on information provided by our supplier. Therefore, we cannot guarantee that all information is absolutely accurate, completed or without any deviation. At the same time, we are not responsible for any incorrect information, any errors. We also do not bear any responsibility of lacking information or not providing information.

We reserve the right to change the information displayed on the website (including terms and conditions) at any time without prior notice. In case there are problems arising, we will give out the best handling instruction within our limit. does not introduce or confirm the star rating, quality, standards and service levels ... of any hotel posted on the website. Therefore, we refuse to give any guarantee or commitment regarding the introduction or confirmation mentioned above. The hotel on the website can be ranked according to various criteria such as stars, assessment based on the criteria, subjective evaluation of the majority of customers, the characteristics of each region ... It may be updated or modified from time to time. The hotel information on the website for the ranking purposes is only for general guidelines, and it does not guarantee the accuracy of the ratings.


Opinions, reviews, and comments on the hotel posted on the website that are entirely thanks to customers who have used the services of the hotel give us. It is only as reference information devoted for other customers to choose a suitable hotel for their accommodation needs. By sending your review for, you have totally granted the right to use and own your review to reserves the right regarding edit, translation, refusal of posting/ removing reviews by its decisions without notice.

The professional page of Travel Guide is to provide information about tourism, gastronomy, shared experiences, recommended tourist attractions, etc. This page is absolutely not for commercial purpose. uses information of articles about travel into this page as a tourism handbook in order to give it to you.

The Tourism Handbook page serves as a guide for offering and publicizing the travel information provided by members.  It is not responsible for display the content published by the using members.


8. Responsibility


The scope of services and responsibilities: is not a representative unit, an owner, a management unit, an operation unit, a control or guarantee unit of any products, rooms, hotels, or services on the website or any linked sites.  The responsibility of is only to allow reservations. We are committed to renting rooms available which are provided by the member hotels, and not to selling more rooms than the room we had (we are not responsible for the reason which there is no available rooms as the hotel has rented rooms exceeded the number of available rooms). Hotels are responsible for providing accommodation and hospitality for customers who have booked through accordance with the agreement in the booking confirmation notes. does try best efforts to ensure that all prices or the information displayed on the website are accurate at the time of publishing. Nevertheless, changes in conditions regarding economies, nature which can occur after the publishing date make the information displayed on the website no longer accurate or no longer reflect the current situation. reserves the right to reject any guarantee or liability relating to accuracy, completeness, completeness or suitability of all contents posted on the website.




The information, products, software and services on the website may contain errors or be incomplete or incorrect. does not guarantee the accuracy and it is possible for exemption from all liability for any errors or inaccuracies related to information on accommodations, hotels and other services on the website.

The hotels and other service/travel providers on the website are independent units, not the agent, not branches or subsidiary units of does not take any responsibility for errors, mistakes, negligence or breach of any suppliers or any hotels.

The information on hotel ranking on the website is only for purposes of general guidance, the reference for customers in selecting appropriate products and services, and does not guarantee the accuracy of the ratings. refuses any declarations,  warranties or responsibilities related to the quality or suitability of all the hotels on our website

We reserve the right not to accept the client or the reservation under our own consideration and decisions and under any reasons without having to prove that refusal. In some cases, we may have to cancel or refuse reservation due to errors or mistakes on the website (e.g. confusion on the hotel name, prices, dates of stay, the appropriateness of availability of the hotel). The reason to cancel or refuse reservation, in this case, is under the consideration and decision of

The contents on evaluation about hotels submitted by customers for are not confidential and not proprietary information. does not have any responsibility or obligation to recognize the senders' copyright. is irresponsible for any errors, damage or loss resulting from malfunctioning from main server failures, virus intrusion, natural disasters, not connecting to the internet ...

If customers make a reservation or use website for a third party (e.g. friends, family members, superiors), customers are solely responsible for the occurrence of any error regarding the accuracy of the provided information related to such usage.

We always want to solve any issues or questions as quickly and clearly as possible.

All comments should be sent to the Customer Care Department: 12th Floor, 155-157 Le Quang Dao St., Ngu Hanh Son District, Da Nang City.

Or phone number: +84 511 3987 811